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Texas Tech University Press, established in 1971, is currently accepting proposals in the following subject areas:

  • All subject areas relating to Texas, the Great Plains, and the American West, particularly history, biography, literature of place, and memoir
  • American Indian studies
  • American legal studies
  • American roots music
  • Border studies
  • Environmental history
  • Jewish literature, culture, and history
  • Latin American and Latino/a studies
  • Natural history and natural science
  • Sport in the American West
  • Vietnam and Southeast Asia studies

TTUP also accepts proposals for educational and engaging middle reader books, particularly those that focus on science or regional history.

TTUP publishes one annual invited first-book poetry manuscript (we cannot entertain unsolicited poetry submissions).

Please note that TTUP is currently not accepting new submissions in fiction.

You may wish to contact us for a current Press catalog to review our list; you may also browse our online catalog on this site.



If your work fits within Texas Tech University Press’s publishing scope and you wish for us to consider it for possible publication, we welcome you to submit a proposal that follows our submission guidelines.

Submit the following proposal materials:

1. A cover letter that describes the manuscript you are proposing. Please include:

  • Your working title.
  • A concise summary of your manuscript’s main argument, content, and relevant themes.
  • The manuscript’s current or anticipated length, plus number and kind of any graphic materials.
  • A description of your book’s target market, including an estimated size of that market.
  • A comparison of your book to others published on the subject, explaining what contribution your work seeks to make in relation to its competitors.

2. A two- to four-page typed outline or annotated table of contents that indicates the nature and scope of each chapter of your book.

3. A minimum of two sample manuscript chapters, numbering approximately 30 pages (please be sure that your sample includes your introduction, if applicable).

4. A brief autobiographical summary or CV telling us why you are qualified to write this book. Please be sure that your most current contact information (address, email, and phone) is included.

Please email your proposal materials, preferably as a single PDF document, to ttup.editorial@ttu.edu.

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently had technical difficulties with our submissions email address. If you have sent a submission to TTUP in the past three months using our ttup.editorial@ttu.edu email address, will you please follow up with Editor-in-Chief Joanna Conrad to make certain that your submission was received? We apologize for any inconvenience.

Email submission is preferred. If there is a need for you to also submit materials in hard copy, please use the below mailing address:

Editorial Department, ATTN: Acquisitions

Texas Tech University Press

3003 15th Street, Suite 901

Lubbock, TX 79409-1037

If you wish for any mailed materials to be returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please do not mail original artwork or irreplaceable items. Please do not submit a full manuscript unless invited to do so.

While we do consider simultaneous proposal inquiries, be advised that TTUP requires exclusivity for consideration of full manuscripts.

 If you have specific questions about submitting a proposal, please contact Joanna Conrad (joanna.conrad@ttu.edu).


You can expect an initial response within eight to ten weeks of our receipt of your proposal. If we are interested in potentially publishing your book, we will request a full manuscript for consideration. All manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer review process, which can take up to several months. Your editor will work with you through the review process and will guide you through any revisions that may be necessary. Once your manuscript is determined to be ready, it will be reviewed by the Texas Tech University Press Editorial Committee for approval to publish.




We will offer you a contract upon approval of the project by the Editorial Committee. We may pay a standard royalty as a percentage of actual receipts from sales of books, subsidiary rights, and licenses. Agented authors should be aware that we insist on direct communications with the author during the consideration process.

We may offer an advance contract to authors with proven publishing track records. Manuscripts contracted in this way must be reviewed by outside readers and must be approved by the Texas Tech University Press Editorial Committee before the contract is considered final and in force.

A scheduled date for completion of your complete and final manuscript (including all ancillary materials: illustrative matter, permissions, etc.) will be specified in your contract. Failure to meet this deadline may result in the removal of the book from our production time-table.

Please see our Submittal Guidelines for Approved Manuscripts for detailed instructions on preparing your final manuscript.

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